Books & Magazines Jun 30, 2012

Arkitip Zine Project

Arkitip has announced that they will be publishing a series of artist zines this summer. Artists have yet to be named, but from what we read, Arkitip will be enabling artists to design and layout the art that they contribute. … Read more
Books & Magazines Aug 13, 2011

Arkitip Issue No. 0058, COLOR

Using the theme of Color, Arkitip have selected a group of artists to create whatever they wish using Comex supplied paint, the culmination of which has been published in a hand numbered edition (of 1500) neatly packaged with a cobranded… Read more
Uncategorized May 26, 2011

Video | Rostarr

Rostarr for Curated by Arkitip features original artistry inspired by the 2009 Tour de France through which the artist explores the nature of competition between individuals, the energy and emotion of the race as it happens and, ultimately… Read more
Uncategorized May 23, 2011

Incase Curated by Arkitip, A History

Inaugurated in 2008, Incase Curated by Arkitip is one of the richest collaborative series melding product and street art. My friend Peter Williams has done a super job chronically the project in a new feature over at Highsnobiety. He speaks… Read more
Books & Magazines Dec 28, 2010

Arkitip Issue No. 0056 – JR

This year, along with Bill Clinton and Bono, artist JR was awarded the prestigious TED prize – and now is the focus of the new issue of Arkitip. Arkitip Issue No. 0056 weighs in at 128 pages and comes hand … Read more
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