Design Feb 23, 2010

Yellow Diva “The M Series”

I haven’t seen a Chaise Lounge (day bed) that really grabbed me in some time. Yellow Diva, a collaborative effort between an English designer and an Australian architect based in Melbourne, deal with the form beautifully in “The M… Read more
Design Nov 3, 2009

The Kautsch Collection

Fashion designer Carolyn Fieber’s “The Kautsch Collection” brings the work of her great great-grandfather into a contemporary vocabulary. In 1895, Johann Bretz created his first couches. His company was then located in the Rhine River… Read more
Design Sep 4, 2009

BoConcept 2010 Collection | Seating Furniture

BoConcept’s 2010 line of furnishings and home accessories has landed in shops. A good amount of seating furniture is included, and while the sofas are lovely this post will just highlight a few of the armchairs and single seaters. Above… Read more
Furniture Mar 16, 2009

Louis Ghost Meets Barbie

Philippe Stark’s Louis Ghost Chair translates the formal geometry of an historic style with injection-molded polycarbonate construction. Most famously, the chair is clear. But wait, Kartell has produced a limited edition pink version with… Read more
Furniture Mar 3, 2009

Prince Charles Chair

A collaborative effort between Modernica Studio and Peter Shire, the Prince Charles Chair collection places wire and fiberglass seats on walnut bases. Wire stretchers lend strength to the legs, and the three options for seating (wire… Read more
Design Feb 26, 2009

Diz Armchair

Sergio Rodrigues’ Diz armchair is seating furniture of a sculptural quality. Hand made of eucalyptus wood. (via Daily Icon). Additional view after the jump. Read more
Design Feb 18, 2009

Shadow Armchair

Designed by Getano Pesce the Shadow Chair takes a free form shape from directly expanding polyurethane into fabric. The result is different every time, and reminiscent of the floats you may have chilled in the pool with as a child. … Read more
Design Jan 5, 2009

Norman Cherner Armchair

Norman Cherner designed this bent plywood Armchair in 1958. The unique aspect here is that the laminate is of graduated thickness, leading to a structural soundness and improved comfort. Reissued by Cherner Chair Company, owned and operated… Read more
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