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Fashion Oct 18, 2008

Burton Artist Series 13 | John Yates

Few graphic series succeed in producing continued quality and thoughtful design. One that does is the Burton Artist series. The current theme “Design of Dissent” gives each artist a strong working platform, and beyond those that are… Read more
Uncategorized Sep 10, 2008

Stussy x Andy Murphy T-Shirts

Stussy got together with Melbourne based artist Andy Murphy on a series of artist t-shirts. The artist projected his strong graphic style onto the medium t-shirt, in a series of overall four. Expect these to be in stores some time … Read more
Art Aug 18, 2008

Zoo York Cockroach Artist Series Decks

The Zoo York Institute is proud to announce that its highly-anticipated new series of collaboration artist boards will hit shops in early September. Inspired by Gotham’s most unbreakable resident – the cockroach – Zoo York’s new pro… Read more
Art Mar 15, 2008

Rockers NYC – The Sound & Fury Artist Series

As part of their Spring/Summer 2008 collection, Sound & Fury, Rockers NYC has worked on an artist seriss. The Sound & Fury Artist Series features the “Wardance” tee, a collabo with photographer Shawn Mortensen, and the “Youth vs… Read more
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