Art Apr 3, 2008

Pepsi Artist Series by ARTCO

While the art and design worlds are trying to reconcile their differences and work together, Cary Lietzes of ARTCO is working to bring artists and major corporations closer, by creating branding that is visually stimulating and unique… Read more
Art Apr 2, 2008

Artist iGoogle Museum

Zozo has launched the Artist iGoogle Museum, which is in fact a virtual museum where various artists provided background designs for the iGoogle desktop. You can download the backgrounds for free at Zozo. Participating artists included… Read more
Art Mar 21, 2008

Adidas x Upper Playground Collection

Adidas and Upper Playground got together to work on a series of sneakers under the titel – “You Ain’t Got to Lie to Kick It”. So far they have revealed three sneakers out of the collection. These have been designed … Read more
Books & Magazines Mar 20, 2008

Arkitip Issue 45 – Evan Hecox

For Issue 45, Arkitip got for the second time together with artist Evan Hecox. The artist also chose to include the works of Cody Hudson and Todd St. John. The issue is more of a catalogue than a periodical and … Read more
Other Feb 20, 2008

Rossignol – Seven Artistic Sins Collection

We present you an interesting project that Rossignol will be launching towards the end of the month. Using skate legends turned graphic artists, Rossignol has created  the Seven Artistic Sins (SAS) collection canvassed with artistic… Read more
Art Feb 5, 2008

Levi’s Backpocket Gallery Belgium

In the last couple of months Levi’s Europe was working on an interesting project in Belgium. They asked 100 artists to design the iconic Levi’s backpocket. The pieces of art were then put on display at the Backpocket Gallery in … Read more
Art Jan 29, 2008

Highmath Exhibition Teaser

The Arkitip x Wood Wood Highmath exhibition starts in Berlin tomorrow evening with the opening event. To give you an idea of what to expect we can already show you some teasers of the promo material as well as some … Read more
Other Jan 28, 2008

Artschoolvets Launched

With great pleasure we can report today about the launch of a project that we have been involved with since the very start – Artschoolvets. Artschoolvets is a new German online platform with its base in Berlin. The site consists … Read more
Art Jan 22, 2008

Original Fake S/S ’08 – Mark Dean Veca

Yesterday we gave you a look at some of the first Original Fake S/S ’08 t-shirts that have released. Thanks to Kaws we have some more information on the Chum pieces now. Mark Dean Veca has designed the Chum that … Read more
Art Jan 21, 2008

Auction Red by Sothebys

To support the Global Fund (fighting Aids, Tuberculosis and Malaria), Sothebys will be holding (Auction) Red. The line-up of artists pretty much sums up our top ten list. Works by Damien Hirst, Banksy, Jeff Koons, Murakami, Gursky and Yinka… Read more
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