Art Dec 2, 2012

FriendsWithYou “Little Buddy” Porcelain Sculpture

FriendsWithYou has announced the release of the new “Little Buddy” porcelain sculpture, produced in collaboration with Case Studyo. “Little Buddy exists to be your guardian. He is a magical dreamer that is always bursting with ideas and… Read more
Art Feb 26, 2008

James Jarvis – Selected Drawings Sale

With the release of the Bird God toys, that we presented to you a couple of days ago, Amos will also be starting to sell off some of the original artwork previously featured in the Selected Drawings Book by James … Read more
Art Feb 4, 2008

Arkitip Issue 44 Boxset – Magazine + 3D Viewer

For the first time ever Arkitip handed the design responsibilities for the issue edition to an outside source. That source being the design trio Wood Wood. Their 44th issue edition also served as the working catalog for the HIGHMATH… Read more
Fashion Dec 22, 2007

Rockers NYC “The Adolescence” Online Exclusive

The popular “Adolescence” t-shirt from the Rockers NYC Spring/Summer ’07 collection sold out everywhere when it was released. Now they bring it back as a webstore exclusive in two colorways. Only 12 t-shirts of each colorway have been made… Read more
Art Dec 21, 2007

Santa’s Ghetto in Bethlehem

Santa’s Ghetto is a low-cost art event, that has some pretty big names in it. This year (as reported earlier by us) they went to Bethlehem opposite the Church of the Nativity to put their art on the walls. Participating … Read more
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