atelier la durance

Fashion Mar 21, 2009

Atelier La Durance | Coach Coat & Pea Coat

We like the way Atelier La Durance operates. Not only their high quality standards and attention to detail, but also the fact that they do not work seasonal and rather add product to the collection when they see need. Once … Read more
Denim Sep 10, 2008

Atelier La Durance x Oki-Ni Royston Denim

Atelier La Durance introduces their new slimmer fit Royston model with a collaboration with Oki-Ni. Aside from the usual ALD high quality denim used, each denim is individually numbered from 1-50 and comes with a whole host of subtle little… Read more
Fashion Nov 20, 2007

Atelier La Durance Cardigan

Atelier La Durance is one of those special labels, that keeps their collection very small and sticks to the basics. Also they only make products, where they can be sure they are of the best quality and it would be … Read more
Denim Aug 7, 2007

Atelier La Durance Clothing & Accessories

When it comes to denim usually the US, Japan and also Scandinavia are in the highlight. France is not known for especially good denim, but of course in general for fashion. Atelier La Durance is changing that perception and bringing … Read more
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