bad rap mondays

Music Nov 12, 2012

Bad Rap Mondays – Snow

“Informer, You know say Daddy Snow me, I’m gonna blame, I’ll lick your bumbum now…” This week we’re featuring the infamous ‘Informer’ – the 1992 single by Canadian reggae musician Snow. With questionable lyrics and some… Read more
Music Sep 24, 2012

Bad Rap Mondays – Bangs

Since last week’s edition was more of a blast from the past, I figured this week I’d bring you up to speed on one of bad rap’s current stalwarts, Ajak Chol aka ‘Bangs’. Born and raised in Sudan, Bangs now … Read more
Music Sep 17, 2012

Bad Rap Mondays – Shaquille O’Neal

The idea for this series came from a good friend of mine a few years ago. He was both horrified and fascinated by Soulja Boy’s Kush On Deck. From this day forward we embarked on a grueling mission to find … Read more
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