Fashion Feb 26, 2009

Griffin x Baracuta G9 Jacket

Once again Griffin and Baracuta get together to work on the classic G9 jacket. This time around the jacket comes reversible with a beige side with tonal embroidery details and a desert camouflage DPM lining. This is the fourth collaboration… Read more
Fashion Nov 18, 2008

Griffin x Baracuta “Tree” G9 Jacket

Griffin just recently collaborated with Mackintosh, re-interpreting their classic rain coat. Once again they are getting together with a brand of heritage – this Baracuta. With Baracuta they worked on the G9 jacket, added a “tree”… Read more
Fashion May 7, 2008

Baracuta G9 S/S ’08

The Baracuta G9 has always been a favorite. The jacket has been around for 70 years and still today it is one of the best spring jackets you can go for. Here we present you two limited edition styles of … Read more
Fashion Feb 1, 2008

Griffin x Baracuta G9 Reversible Jacket

Griffin got together with Baracuta to create their own version of the classic G9 jacket. They made a reversible model, which on one side looks very classic, on the other side it features a camouflage pattern, as well as prints … Read more
Fashion Jan 7, 2008

Baracuta G9 Limited Punk Edition

The Baracuta G9 is such a classic, one just should have on in the closet. Recently we presented to you the Beams Plus collaboration and for sure you still have in mind the various Stussy collaborations from last year. Here … Read more
Fashion Jan 4, 2008

Beams Plus x Baracuta G9

Beams Plus got together with Baracuta to collaborate with them on their classic G9 jacket. The jacket come in a vintage look, with the white stripes on the cuffs and waist, inside of course with the trademark tartan pattern lining. … Read more
Fashion Aug 27, 2007

Stussy x Baracuta G9 Jacket

After now about a years time, Stussy once again gets together with Baracuta to create another version of their iconic G9 jacket. The jacket features water resistant features, which makes it a very practical jacket. The inner lining is never… Read more
Fashion Aug 6, 2007

Stussy x Baracuta G9 – Part 2

Last year we showed you the first run of Stussy x Baracuta G9 jackets – at the time they made 3 colorways with the classic plaid inner lining. Andrew Bunney now previews the next run of Stussy x Baracuta G9′s. … Read more
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