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Sneakers Feb 18, 2008

Nike Dunk Be True – Multicolor Series

Dropping along with the solid color Dunks that we presented in the previous post, is the Multicolor Series. Also in this series there are three Dunk Hi’s, this time coming with different colors on each panel. Pics via LaMJC. These … Read more
Sneakers Feb 18, 2008

Nike Dunk Be True – Full Color Series

The Nike Dunk Be True celebrations continue with some interesting Dunk Supreme releases in March. The Full Color Series will be released the 29th of March at better sneaker stores in Europe. It consists of 3 Dunk Hi’s – red, … Read more
Sneakers Feb 8, 2008

Nike Dunk Be True City Series – Tokyo

Yesterday we reported about the fact that Recon/Nort in NYC will be releasing the NYC Dunk out of the City Series. The Tokyo Dunk, black with red details, will be released by Atmos Tokyo on the 9th of February! Read more
Sneakers Jan 29, 2008

Nike Dunk Be True – City Pack

The next chapter of the Nike Dunk Be True collection is about to be released – the City pack. Consisting of Dunk Hi’s for overall 7 different world cities, each shoe comes limited to only 86 pairs worldwide. Cities included … Read more
Stores Jan 22, 2008

back door Bottega – Nike Be True

There are nice stores out there and then there are amazing stores. When Italian interior design meets streetculture you can certainly expect something good to come out. One of the most interesting stores, not only in Italy, but all of … Read more
Sneakers Jan 17, 2008

Nike Dunk “BE TRUE” Website Update

The Nike Dunke “Be True” campaign website has been updated and got some interesting new features. The site now also has a Manga up and shows all Dunks that have been released so far! Make sure to check it out! Read more
Sneakers Jan 4, 2008

Nike “Be True” Dunk 2008 Website

Just like they did with their Air Force 1 campaign in 2007, Nike just launched a Dunk “Be True” website for the 2008 Dunk Campaign. Make sure to check it out for information and latest releases! Read more
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