Lifestyle Jul 6, 2014

‘BICYCLE’ The Film – Trailer

BICYCLE is a new documentary that take a look at the rise of the popularity of the bike in history and the impact it has had on society. According to the British government, it was expected that by the late … Read more
Bikes Sep 15, 2013

Citi Bike BMX with Tyrone Williams

Many of you are for sure aware of the recently launched New York City “Citi Bike” public bike system. While in general a fantastic step in the right direction, there are of course also people complaining. The bikes are too … Read more
Gadgets May 28, 2013

Monkey Light Pro Bike Wheel Display System

With plenty of successful Kickstarter experience, Monkeylectric has begun another campaign focused around the Monkey Light Pro. The California company’s latest contraption display images and animations on a bike’s wheels using 256… Read more
Bikes Feb 26, 2013

Highsnobiety Photo Editorial: Tokyo Bikes

Bikes have certainly gained significance in recent years and all trends aside, have proofed to be among the best ways to get around town. Especially in the biggest cities around the globe, they have become a true alternative to the … Read more
Bikes Jan 28, 2013

Clarity Bike by designaffairs

The Clarity Bike is the next project within the material focus of designaffairs’ studio projects which focus on using amazing materials of our library in new contexts. The design takes advantage of an advanced polymer which combines high… Read more
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