Bikes Dec 14, 2012

Tîan – Minimalistic Bike Furniture

At first glance Tîan might seem rather unspectacular, but its simplicity is its charme. The drawer is made from oak and works easily with a one tip function. Even if your hands are full you can easily open and close it. … Read more
Accessories Nov 24, 2012

Revolights Bike Lighting System

The Revolights Bike Lighting System consists of two narrow rings of LEDs that mount directly to each wheel using a series of clips and ring spacers. Lithium-ion batteries, bracket-mounted to the front and rear hub, supply power to the LEDs… Read more
Bikes Nov 21, 2012

Bicycle Taxidermy – Commemorate Your Ride

Regan Appleton of the Royal College of Art has created a “loving and lasting solution for your mechanical bereavement.” The idea itself is pretty simple, to mount your bike handlebars on a wooden plaque along with an epitaph saying… Read more
Bikes Nov 6, 2012

Carry Your Gear with the Donky Utility Bike

The 3D industrial designer Ben Wilson has revealed his new utility vehicle, the Donky bike. The bike is designed to help you transport goods across town by loading the cargo onto the frame instead of the handlebars so steering and … Read more
Bikes Oct 30, 2012

Rizoma 77|011 Metropolitan Carbon Monobloc Bike

World renowned for its motorcycle accessories, Rizoma has teamed up now with designer Dirk Bikkembergs on the 77|011 Metropolitan Bike. Featuring a Monobloc Carbon Frame and aluminium saddle, handlebar and and pulley, the bike does not only… Read more
Bikes Sep 16, 2012

Cannondale x Priority Designs Concept Bike

Cannondale had a vision, a concept bike packed full of cutting edge technology that would see its world debut at EUROBIKE in Germany. Forkless, chainless, and dynamically adjustable, the concept is radical, and quite impressive. This system… Read more
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