Accessories Jul 13, 2012

Blaken Milgauss GV Viper Green

Our favorite Rolex customizer is back – Blaken presents the Milgauss GV Viper Green. First presented during Berlin Fashion Week Summer 2012, German brand Blaken, known for their diamond like watch coating, has added some nice details to… Read more
Accessories Jul 2, 2012

Blaken Submariner Date “Phantom Series”

German high end watch customizer Blaken is back with yet another highlight after recently selling out quickly the Blaken Panerai “Verarena” - the Phantom Series. The Blaken Submariner Date “Phantom Series” is a full customization of… Read more
Accessories May 29, 2012

Blaken PANERAI Verarena

A while ago we introduced you to Blaken, the new German brand that adds a diamond like carbon coating to your favorite luxury watches. We focussed on their custom Rolex watches the other time – here is now a look … Read more
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