Design Feb 24, 2011

Brass and Bronze by Folkform

During Stockholm Design Week, Swedish firm Folkform unveiled a series of cabinets and candlesticks created for fashion brand Whyred. The objects are made by hand of brass or bronze, at the Rosengrens brass foundry just outside Malmö… Read more
Furniture Jan 20, 2011

Accordion Cabinet

A contemporary version of the Tambour desk… perhaps… with a fanciful shape and sadly unflattering legs. That, in short is what German designer Elisa Strozyk and artist Sebastian Neeb have created with the Accordion Cabinet. It’s one… Read more
Design Nov 11, 2009

Thomas J. Ptacek Furniture

A wood worker of wide ranging capability, Thomas J. Ptacek works seamlessly through historic restoration, new home building, and furniture design. His furnishings stem from interest in several artistic movements (including Art Deco), but… Read more
Design Aug 7, 2009

Simon Hasan for Vauxhall Collective

Simon Hasan’s new collection of furniture for Vauxhall Collective was inspired by his trips to UK industrial and craft centers. The material takes from tradition – the splitting of wood timber, brass and stoneware production, leather… Read more
Design May 26, 2009

Brikolor 300 Year Furniture

Brikolor have designed a new line of furniture with a guarantee that it will last 300 years. Now, while the guarantee is new, the notion of well crafted furniture lasting for centuries is not particularly novel. The collection includes two… Read more
Design Apr 10, 2009

Thomas Throop Furniture

Under Black Creek Designs, Thomas Throop designs and makes some stunning hand crafted furniture. Throop attended the John Makepeace School For Craftsmen in Wood, in England. There he was exposed to the traditions of the English Arts &… Read more
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