Furniture Aug 29, 2011

Light in a Drawer by Shinobu Koizumi

Japanese artisti Shinobu Koizumi designed “Light in a Drawer,” inspired by fairy tales with hidden treasures and dreamy illuminations. Each drawer is made of frosted acrylic with a wooden front facade, and the lights are installed at… Read more
Furniture May 5, 2010

Skart Designs

Skate based furniture has been around for some time… and has taken a few forms – from a found object aesthetic to mid-century modern appropriation. Montreal’s Skart Designs was founded by Michel Poulin. He began skating in 1986. In… Read more
Design Apr 30, 2009

Gauthier Poulain

Belgian designer Gauthier Poulain has just exhibited his latest collection in Milan. His work is based on mixed material usage and assemblages referencing classic luxuries. For example, the hold cabinets (above, and more after the jump)… Read more
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