Bikes Sep 16, 2012

Cannondale x Priority Designs Concept Bike

Cannondale had a vision, a concept bike packed full of cutting edge technology that would see its world debut at EUROBIKE in Germany. Forkless, chainless, and dynamically adjustable, the concept is radical, and quite impressive. This system… Read more
Bikes Apr 26, 2010

Cannondale X Mike Giant Graffiti Bike

Cannondale, in their continued support of the Bahati Foundation, has collaborated with renowned graffiti and tattoo artist Mike Giant to produce the limited edition Cannondale X Mike Giant Graffiti Bike, available now for bidding via eBay… Read more
Bikes Dec 12, 2008

Cannondale “Stealth” Concept Bike

Today we got a first look at the Cannondale “Stealth” concept bike. Aside from the looks, the bike has a lot of impressive features, including a special new fork construction in all carbon fibre, as well as a monocoque carbon … Read more
Gadgets May 24, 2008

G-Star Raw Raw Cannondale Bike

"The Cannondale BAD BOY, cycling’s original benchmark in coolness just got cooler. Presenting the Special Edition RAW CANNONDALE: the stylish result of a unique collaboration with denim brand G-Star. These limited edition bikes won’t… Read more
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