carbon fiber

Design Feb 12, 2013

Star Wars Carbon Fiber Stormtrooper Helmet

Leonard Carson of San Diego Composities designed a carbon fiber Stormtrooper helmet that is most likely more technically advanced than the helmet offered by Star Wars’ fictional universe. Made entirely of carbon fiber, the helmet weighs… Read more
Design Nov 18, 2011

Carbon Fiber Storm Troop Uniforms

Jon Blackler, Kevin Proum, Len Carson and Daniel Avina decided to make carbon fiber Storm Trooper costumes. All in their spare time while working at San Diego Composites. They specializes in engineering everything carbon fiber related from… Read more
Furniture Apr 13, 2011

Carbon Fiber Furniture

Loving the lines of this carbon fiber chair designed by Mathias Bengtsson. Just a concept now. Fingers crossed it hits production someday. (via Industrial Design Served). Read more
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