Accessories Jul 16, 2010

bagjack CircDisCover iPad Case

The guys from bagjack Berlin present the newest piece to their collection – the CircDisCover iPad Case. As usual they take a more technical approach to things and add a bunch of interesting and actually useful functionality to the piece… Read more
Accessories Jul 13, 2010

Incase iPhone 4 Cases

One of our favorite case makers for the iPhone, Incase, has finally started rolling out their iPhone 4 cases. For the start they offer a series of their classics in the new iPhone 4 format. “Available at month’s end will … Read more
Accessories Jun 9, 2010

iPhone 4 “Bumper” Case

We already showcased the all new iPhone 4, a work of beauty in terms of construction. A highlight is also the new case that is being introduced for the phone – the Bumper. The new case is only a molded … Read more
Accessories Apr 28, 2010

Louis Vuitton iPad Cases

Next year Louis Vuitton will be releasing custom iPad Cases. The cases will come both in the Monogram and in the Damier Graphite design. The cases will be priced at 240 USD, which is actually quite reasonable considering regular LV … Read more
Accessories Nov 19, 2009

Incase Chrome Slider Cases

These have to be some of the best iPhone slider cases to come from Incase and actually in general to date – the Chrome Slider Cases. Featuring hardshell plastic construction with a minimal wall thickness of 1mm, each Chrome Slider … Read more
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