Design Nov 9, 2011

Video | iPhone megaphone. Seriously.

Have you ever been sitting around and thought, I wish I could get all the old time analog sound from a gramophone out of my iPhone? Well be still your nostalgic audiophile heart, the folks over at en&es have just … Read more
Uncategorized Jan 12, 2011

More Ceramic Skateboards

I can’t get enough of this stuff! Seriously, the current vogue for ceramic skate art is intriguing and the yielded some terrific material. This project, entitled VALLISON, comes from Chilean design collective Material.cl. The decks were… Read more
Uncategorized Jan 12, 2011

Ceramic Sneakers

Kang S. Lee is a Korean designer living and working in Mexico City. This series of ceramic sneakers is notable as it connects to a new trend in producing everyday objects in fragile materials. More sneakers after the jump. A … Read more
Art Aug 28, 2009

Dan Baldwin | Disillusion

Disillusion will present a series of new paintings and ceramics by English artist Dan Baldwin. Bridging the gap between abstraction and figurative drawing, Baldwin builds from a meeting of popular culture and myth. The work included in… Read more
Art Mar 4, 2009

Barnaby Barford and Alice Hawkins

The Good, The Bad and The Belle is currently on view at London’s Spring House. The exhibition includes new ceramics from Barford complimented by Hawkins’ photographic portraits. Both artists explore the nature of contemporary Britain… Read more
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