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Bikes May 3, 2010

Carhartt x Charge Fixed Gear Bike

Carhartt UK got together with Charge Bikes to work on a custom fixed gear bike. Actually the bike allows you to switch between a fixed gear and single speed mode. Everything on the bike is custom, including the tubes and … Read more
Uncategorized Sep 14, 2008

Charge Bikes 2009 Preview

London’s Charge Bikes continues their focus on quality fixed gear completes for 2009. Among them, the Plug Grinder, adds a few protective details to earlier models. Really, just in terms of fenders to keep your back free of city grime… Read more
Other Sep 10, 2008

Charge Bikes @ Euro Bike 2008

While the fashion world is flowing through its various "weeks" in New York and London, the Cycling world worked Euro Bike last week. Among the participants was Charge. They really went all out with their display. Stayed tuned for info … Read more
Other Aug 18, 2008

Charge Bikes

Charge Bikes is a UK based cycle company specializing in simple, functional hard tail bikes. Bikes for street, bikes for dirt. Product ranges from cutting edge titanium framing to sensibly priced and well specc’d completes. Their website… Read more
Art Nov 30, 2007

Charge Bikes – A Day In Philadelphia

The team of UK based Charge Bikes has released a new feature on their site – A Day In Philadelphia. Rider Tom Lemarche and photographer Paul Bliss, show off the city of Philadelphia and some quality fixed gear riding. Definitely … Read more
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