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Art Apr 5, 2011

Support Japan Poster

This poster, sold in aid of the British Red Cross Tsunami Relief fund, was designed by Lucas Krull. The design was made by wetting a sheet of thick paper and then adding one drop of red ink into the center. … Read more
Art Mar 24, 2011

100 Bricks for Madagascar

colette shares this fascinating project in aid of World Schools for the betterment of Madagascar. 100 artists were mobilized – included JR and Space Invader – each given a brick to decorate as they saw fit. The results are fascinating… Read more
Art Mar 23, 2011

Clare Shields Japan Tsunami Appeal Print

Clare Shields is a London based artist who specialises in mixing media for limited edition digital prints, she has created a special Japan Tsunami Appeal giclee print to help raise money for the Red Cross campaign. Sold through Opus Art. Read more
Art Mar 18, 2011

FAFI “We Love Japan” Drawing

colette is offering a series of original products and art pieces to aid the efforts in Japan. This original drawing, “We Love Japan,” by FAFI is an example. Read more
Art Dec 8, 2010

Electric Guitar by Matthew Waldman

Art Basel Miami news is still filtering in from last week, one thing we missed being “Art Assault”, a charity art exhibit featuring one-of-a-kind art guitars. Matthew Waldman, founder and designer of NOOKA designed a custom Gibson… Read more
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