Art Oct 3, 2011

4th Dimension Concrete Clock

4th dimension concrete clock uses a three dimensional clock face to allow for a unique aesthetic, as the hands pass over it. The design is described as: A wall clock made of one solid piece from cement. Concept of linking … Read more
Design May 24, 2011

One More Time : Little Clock

Now available from Moss, Joost van Bleiswijk’s One More Time : Little Clock is constructed of precisely cut, slotted and interlocked segments of aluminum. The material is iodized, giving it a lovely blue hue. In total, the clock is made… Read more
Design May 13, 2011

iPhone Alarm Clocks

Now available for pre-order from Areaware are some pretty amazing iPhone ready alarm clocks. Remember those faux wood grain GE flip clocks that sat on every bedside table? These humble clocks were made obsolete by fancy LED clocks and more… Read more
Design Mar 21, 2011

Japan Clock

Anna Marinenko is the designer of the Japan Clock, a reminder from the Ukrainian designer that time heals. Marinenko excels in 3-D modeling, and here uses plastic plates and draws inspiration from the Japanese flag. There is an opportunity… Read more
Design Feb 18, 2011

Furni “Alba” (Media Edition) Clock

Based in Montreal, Furni’s handmade “Alba” clocks deftly balance simple, craft based design and cutting edge technology. For a start, the digital display is readable and bold. Need more? The clock is now compatible with a variety of… Read more
Design Feb 16, 2011

Myk Wall Clock

SHE Design has created the Myk Wall Clock. The clock premiered at Stockholm Furniture Fair 2011. Frame notes, “Norwegian design duo Silje Søfting and Eva Marit Tøftum were inspired during a trip to Tokyo to create a clock that could … Read more
Design Feb 8, 2011

Italian Cuckoo Clock

This clock is no small surprise given the origin, Couverture has a terrific track record of handsome housewares with strong back story. In this case, the Italian Cuckoo Clock brings its own – a contemporary take on a Swiss classic … Read more
Design Feb 2, 2011

DIY Multicolor Wall Clock

This new product from Conran Shop offers the best type of personalized customization – your favorite photographs. The frames fix to the wall with adhesive tapes, allowing the owner to full customize the size and scale of the clock. Fun… Read more
Design Jan 5, 2011

Windmaker Clock

Dutch designer Luc Van Hoeckel’s Windmaker Clock gets back to basics with a unconventional approach. “Modeled after a traditional cuckoo clock, the wooden fan uses weights and a joint system to power itself,” writes DesignBoom, “A… Read more
Design Dec 13, 2010

Manifold Clock by Studio Ve

“A wall mounted clock with a manifold that connects the two hands to create a 3D movement. At any given moment the manifold is located in a different position and different parts are seen. As the hour can be understood … Read more
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