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Caps & Hats Apr 3, 2008

Neighborhood For Zozoresort

Neighborhood made a couple of special items for the Members Only section of Zozotown, Zozoresort. They made a coach jacket, t-shirts as well as mesh caps. The capsule collection keeps the “Delta” theme of the current Spring/Summer 2008… Read more
Fashion Jan 31, 2008

Futura Laboratories Coach Jacket

Here the latest piece to be released by Futura Laboratories, a coach jacket. We have to admit, we are not big fans of coach jackets, mainly due to their lack in form and function over other jackets. But for Futura … Read more
Fashion Dec 31, 2007

Stussy Rat Patrol Series – New Year 2008

According to the Chinese Zodiac, the year 2008 is considered Year Of The Rat. To celebrate the new year, Stussy will be releasing the “Stussy Rat Control” series. It consists of t-shirts both long-and shortsleeve in black and white, as… Read more
Fashion Dec 26, 2007

School Of Hard Knock Coach Jacket by Huge

A while back  Tetsu Nishiyama from W)Taps got together with Huge Magazine on the “School Of hard Knock” topic and they also released a t-shirt together. Now they are about to release more product on the same theme. Next to … Read more
Fashion Sep 30, 2007

Bounty x Hunter September ’07 Releases

A new week is starting and as usual there are fresh Bounty X Hunter products at every beginning of a week. This time you can or the first time feel the colder months approaching as they started releasing winter gear. … Read more
Fashion Sep 14, 2007

FUCT Flannel Shirt & Coach Jacket Pre-Order

The first few pieces of the FUCT Fall 2007 collection have now landed at Stless. They just released the flannel shirt and the coach jacket that we presented to you a little while ago. Both produced in Japan, the cut … Read more
Fashion Sep 5, 2007

FUCT x Zozotown Coach Jacket

FUCT once again gets together with Japanese retailer Zozotown, this time on a Coach Jacket. The matte black jacket is made of Nylon and feature the inner lining consisting of mugshots by Wendy O. Williams. The front of the jacket … Read more
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