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Toys May 23, 2011

Coarse Toys Jaws Dissected by Moist

Artist Moist follows Kaws in paying homage to Damien Hirst and his famous dissected anatomical model sculptures with a custom 13″ tall dissected version of the Coarse Toys Jaws character. In true Coarse Toys form, this one happens to be… Read more
Toys Apr 22, 2011

Coarse Toys “Casting Shadows” Box Set

Coarse Toys is at it again and present yet another excellent box set of toys. As part of the “Casting Shadows” set, they present “two vinyl figures, the longing nism [4''] and huddled noop [7'']. Set up the fabric paw! … Read more
Toys Dec 6, 2010

Coarse Toys PAW! Bust

Never disappointing us, Coarse Toys is getting ready to release their new 1:1 PAW! Bust. Limited to 200 pieces, 67 cm high, the bust is made of fiberglass. “This life-size paw! visage reflects the turmoil experienced in his concluding… Read more
Toys Oct 8, 2010

Coarse Toys “Eyes of Fear” Fiberglass Bust Set

Coarse Toys presents a new 1:1 bust series called “Eyes of Fear” featuring their Noop and Paw characters in high gloss fiberglass. Noop will be available for pre-order on October 14, 2010, while Paw will be available for pre-order on… Read more
Toys Aug 3, 2010

Coarse Toys False Friends “The Sun Age”

Coarse continues to impress with their releases, mainly due to an incredible attention to detail and an overall innovative approach to vinyl toy figures. The latest one to be dropping soon, is their False Friends “The Sun Age” figure… Read more
Toys Jul 19, 2010

Coarse False Friends In Pain Edition

Coarse Toys presents their latest set of toys, entitled “False Friends in Pain”. “This handcrafted and hand painted coarse original is limited to 88 pieces. The unique set contains a bleeding noop and his broken friend, paw! The two… Read more
Toys May 6, 2010

Coarse Toys False Friends – Blackout Edition

After recently releasing the False Friends pack, Coarse Toys now presents the Blackout Edition. “Limited to 300 pieces. The set contains the cloaked noop and a pitch-black paw!, staring into nothingness. The distant duo is lost in black… Read more
Accessories Mar 28, 2010

Coarse Toys Jaws Loser Keychains

After presenting you the toys last week, we show you today the matching keychains that have come out by Coarse Toys. The keychains also come in two versions, each 2.4″ tall with movable shark visor. The blush edition comes limited … Read more
Toys Mar 24, 2010

Coarse Toys Jaws Loser Edition

Coarse Toys is at it again and will soon release their new Jaws Loser Edition. The edition consists of two colorways of the toy – white and pink. The figures are 13″ tall and as usual beautifully crafted and packaged. … Read more
Toys Dec 3, 2009

Coarse Toys False Friends | HKG Edition

Coarse Toys unveils their latest creation. The new release consists of “the colossal paw! and a freshly hatched noop, robed in his heavenly soft paw! suit. The pair comes in glowing spring colors, put to sleep between two cotton pillows… Read more
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