Fashion Mar 28, 2012

Versace is Back – But for how long?

This week it was reported that for the first time in many years, Italian luxury brand Versace reported a profit of about 12 Million USD for the fiscal year 2011. That is great news, right? Well, in the short term … Read more
Architecture Jul 1, 2010

“Self-Sufficient City” Book

Following Self-Sufficient Housing and Self-Fab House, both from Actar, the newest release from the Spanish publisher Self-Sufficient City, compiles the results of the 3rd Advanced Architecture Contest organised by IAAC (Institute for… Read more
Architecture Jul 7, 2009

Nakagin Capsule Tower

Nicolai Ouroussoff raises questions about preservation in his reflection on the decision to demolish the Nakagin Capsule Tower in today’s NYT. A rare example of the Metabolism movement, the building represents a particular vision in… Read more
Uncategorized Nov 9, 2007

Editorial: Commentary on “Fashion’s Next Big Bang”’s November issue interview with Nigo, entitled,“Fashion’s Next Big Bang” is a fairly revealing look into the world of Bathing Ape’s head honcho, Nigo, a Japanese man through and through who is living a scene out of… Read more
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