Sneakers Sep 13, 2012

Concepts x Sperry Top-Sider Bahama Boot

The latest from Concepts & Sperry comes in the form of their Top-Sider Bahama Boot. With the success of their previously released Top-Sider Bahama Chukka, the partnership knew they would have to make an impression with their follow-up. The… Read more
Cars Aug 24, 2012

Ferrari F70 V12 Hybrid Concept

Ferrari’s flagship Enzo model is coming to an end. Fans of the brand are anxiously awaiting first images of the follow-up model, currently running under the codename F70. Set to debut this year and hitting retailers in 2013, there are… Read more
Gadgets Jul 26, 2012

iPhone 6 Concept by NAK Design

Forget about the iPhone 5 (which apparently launches end of September), lets just move right on to the iPhone 6. While we all anticipate the presentation and launch of the next generation Apple iPhone, French NAK Design is already imagining… Read more
Gadgets Jun 25, 2012

Iris by Mimi Zou

Royal College of Design graduate Mimi Zou presents her IRIS project. Her eye tracking camera is controlled by blinking and squinting and even recognized your friends, when it looks into their eyes. The Iris camera uses biometric technology… Read more
Furniture Jun 20, 2012

Apple iDesk by Adam Benton

Mac|Life imagines a dream collaboration between Apple and Microsoft here with the help of illustrator Adam Benton. This imagined iDesk would make use of Microsoft’s Surface technology and apply it into an Apple-like design package. If this… Read more
Cars Apr 21, 2012

Video: Mercedes-Benz Concept Style Coupe

First previewed live during the Transmission LA at MOCA event on Thursday in Los Angeles, we can now show you a more detailed video look of the Mercedes-Benz Concept Style Coupe. Even though a concept, the car will actually come … Read more
Gadgets Apr 17, 2012

Glass Smart Phone/Tablet Concept

Today we come across a great new glass smart phone and tablet concept by Andrew Solesbury. If the future looks like this, we are definitely already excited. “The Glass Smart Phone/Tablet is a concept for the future smart phone; edge… Read more
Gadgets Apr 2, 2012

Meet the iPhone Pro

The amount of concepts being created around Apple products, especially around their iPhone and iPad categories is incredible. As such the quality in many cases of those concepts is of course great. Some are more interesting than others… Read more
Cars Jan 9, 2012

Volkswagen E-Bugster Concept

Volkswagen presents the E-Bugster Concept, which is basically a vision of how an all electric version of the more masculine new Beetle could look like. “What’s really going on here is VW applying its Blue-e-motion electric drive unit to a… Read more
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