conceptual art

Design Jan 10, 2011

Jason E Kay “Heat” Fireplace Tools

Conceptual artist Jason E. Kay, who made considerable noise with his “Unfaithful” series – a play on Tiger Woods Gatorade connection – last winter, is more than a one trick satirist. His “Heat” series of fireplace tools has less… Read more
Art Sep 14, 2009

Sol LeWitt’s “Whirls and Twirls (MTA)”

Last week one of the last commissions taken by the late conceptual artist Sol LeWitt was unveiled at the Columbus Circle subway stop in New York. Composed of giant tiles, “Whirls and Twirls” is one of the largest done for … Read more
Art Apr 6, 2009

Mauro Perucchetti “Apopalyptic”

Apopalyptic brings Mauro Perucchetti’s blend of pop and conceptual art to London for the first time in form of a solo show. Halcyon Gallery in Mayfair plays host, and Perucchetti’s incorporation of familiar pop icons provides soil for… Read more
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