Design Dec 22, 2010

Video | Transference

The Museum of Craft & Design in San Francisco is running a series of pop-up museums while searching for a new permanent home. The first, housing Transference, opened on November 10, 2010 and runs through January 9, 2011. Here’s what … Read more
Uncategorized Dec 21, 2010

Heart Shaped Artisan Cushion

With a newly launched website, Couverture (essentially Garbstore’s sister store) now offers its delightful selection of home decorations to home bound shoppers. These Heart Shaped Cushions are fine example. Artisan made, by hand, each has… Read more
Art Dec 9, 2010

Book Carving by Julia Feld

Julia Feld, who lives in St. Louis and is both artist and scientist, is subject of the latest in a sold string of postings related to book carving. Feld’s work is absolutely spectacular. She smartly plays with themes drawn from … Read more
Uncategorized Aug 13, 2010

Qubus Design Studio

Jakub Berdych mingles his love of everyday objects with a passion for craft in his Qubus Design Stuido. Their products and objects, like the bucket above, follow the forms of ubiquitous utilitarian vessels, but are produced with hand blown… Read more
Art Aug 5, 2010

Sipho Mabona “Invisable Foes”

Sipho Mabona, best known for his work for Asic’s “In Pursuit of Perfection” advertisements, has his first solo museum show on display at the Gutenberg Museum in Fribourg, Switzerland through August 15th. Mabona takes inspiration from… Read more
Design Aug 3, 2010

Here Design for The Balvenie

Blending a variety of hand crafts, Here Design of Hackney has created special packaging for The Balvenie Forty, a special edition single malt. Calligrapher Peter Horridge was brought in to provide the accompanying certificate of… Read more
Uncategorized Jul 28, 2010

We Are Your Studio on Macrame

Last week, We Are Your Studio posted a solid run down of contemporary artists employing the traditional technique of macrame (“Folk Futures: A Stitch in Time”). Artists Joana Vasconcelos, Ernesto Neto, Tomas Saraceno and Josh Blackwell… Read more
Art Jul 23, 2010

Singapore Youth Festival Art and Crafts Exhibition

The Singapore Youth Festival Art and Crafts Exhibition opens today at the Singapore Art Museum. The annual Singapore Youth Festival Art and Crafts Exhibition is a national school event that aims to showcase artistic talents of students and… Read more
Furniture Jun 22, 2010

Infusion Furniture

While not particularly innovative in aesthetic or technique, Boston area Infusion Furniture offers simple solutions to everyday needs. Their emphasis on traditional craft and wood choice gives their (mostly angular) pieces distinct… Read more
Design Jun 14, 2010

Yii Crafts and Design from Taiwan

Taiwanese brand Yii champions craft and the “Eco Arts.” Working closely with the Taiwan Craft Research Institute, the products available through Yii combine cultural relevancy, design integrity, and traditional manufacture. The result… Read more
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