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Accessories Feb 25, 2010

Video – Good Wood x Creative Control

Creative Control takes you into the Good Wood Headquarters to meet the brains behind the brand and to give you a glimpse at the woodworking process as the custom Creative Control x Good Wood pieces are made. There’s also a … Read more
Music Feb 24, 2010

Video – F.Luxury.B: Episode 1

Creative Control follows the omnipresent Ferris Bueller as he stalks the streets of NYC during New York Fashion week. With stops at Patrick Ervell’s presentation and The Alexander McQueen Memorial and cameos by R.E.M.’s Michael Stipe… Read more
Music Feb 5, 2010

Curren$y – Vision

This Superbowl Sunday the Saints won’t be the only New Orleanders taking hits on the green. the N.O.’s native son Curren$y and Don Cannon will be releasing from their tree lined lungs the “Where is Smokee Robinson?” mixtape just in… Read more
Other Jan 29, 2010

Creative Control – Dee and Ricky: Episode 1

“Sometime people live life as spectators and some are active participants in the life’s processes. Twin socialites, Dee and Ricky, live life with an ADD mentality switching through scenarios like a Ritalin deficient pre-teen with a… Read more
Music Jan 26, 2010

Curren$y “Breakfast” Video

“We don’t have the power to change the weather as of yet, but those of us with means can change our location to fit the climate we desire. In Curren$y’s latest video for his song “Breakfast” he does just that … Read more
Fashion Jan 12, 2010

Ti$aVision TV by Taz Arnold – Episode 1

Once again Creative Control is at it and presents the first episode of Ti$aVision TV by Taz Arnold. The excentric musician is in his LA studio in action and also gives a little tour of the product project that he … Read more
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