Accessories May 14, 2013

A DeLorean-Inspired iPhone 5 Case

Inspired by one of the most iconic cars of all time, Les Forges MDK has designed an iPhone 5 case as an homage to the DeLorean DMC-12. Most famous for appearing as the time machine in the Back to the Future series, … Read more
Cars Dec 3, 2012

Concept Delorean New York Taxi Cab

American designer Mike Lubrano has come up with a clever conceptualization of a Delorean outfitted as a New York City taxi cab. The design appears to be an ad for Nooka although his website shows otherwise. Take a look at … Read more
Accessories Oct 11, 2012

Romain Jerome DeLorean DNA Watch

Swiss watch maker Romain Jerome is known for rather extraordinary timepieces. From moon dust on the dial, rusted Titanic metal on the case to Pac Man and Space Invader characters, we have seen it all in recent years. Today Romain Jerome … Read more
Cars Aug 8, 2012

Video: DMC’s New Electric Delorean

Over a year ago we made mention of DMC’s electric Delorean vehicle that will be released in 2013, and now we get a look at the car in action in this video clip. The video also features a tour of … Read more
Bikes May 21, 2012

DeLorean Bicycle

The DeLorean Bicycle idea comes from a conversation between “good friends Stephen Wynne (Delorean Motor Company) and Marc Moore (Entrepreneur, Passionate Cyclist & Former Delorean Owner) about building possibly building a bicycle that… Read more
Cars Oct 17, 2011

DMC 2013 DeLorean

Great Scot! Yes, you are looking at the brand-new, all-electric DeLorean set to release for 2013. Direct from DMC: “For several years, DeLorean Motor Company of Texas has been reconstituting the fruit of John Z. Deloreans’s troubled… Read more
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