Design Sep 2, 2012

ABSOLUT UNIQUE – 4 Million Unique Bottles

ABSOLUT Vodka is known for their creative take on things and with their new ABSOLUT UNIQUE initiative, they are once again setting the bar high, introducing a new meaning when it comes to limited edition bottles. As part of the … Read more
Furniture Aug 27, 2012

Stephen Kenn ‘The Inheritance Collection’

LA-based designer Stephen Kenn creates fine furnishings using repurposed WWII military surplus materials. The design is simple and strong with a very utilitarian aesthetic to it. All pieces are crafted from welded steel frames with a… Read more
Design Aug 23, 2012

Microsoft Presents New Logo

Microsoft has had some difficult years. Once being the prime example of the digital boom, companies like Google and Facebook have occupied the spot in the last 10 years. WIth major product releases ahead of them, including a recently… Read more
Furniture Aug 23, 2012

Loft Evo Series: Chair and Table Collection

Originating as a concept from the analysis of an archetypal chair, the ‘Loft Evo Series’ provides an assertive, comfortable and versatile piece of contemporary furniture. First debuting at the Stockholm Furniture Fair in 2011, now… Read more
Design Aug 4, 2012

Coca-Cola ‘Space Invaders’ Concept Cans

Graphic designer Erin McGuire designed these really dope conceptual Coca-Cola cans for a school project. Inspired by the classic Space Invaders video game, the branding on the cans for Coke Zero, Diet Coke and Coca-Cola Classic get a new… Read more
Architecture Jul 24, 2012

Top 10 Museum Designs

Today museums do not only impress with what they have on display, but in the best case, already with their very own design and architecture. Frame took a detailed look at the most impressive structures in the world of museums, … Read more
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