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Toys Dec 6, 2007

Illustrated YOD by James Jarvis

All James Jarvis fans out there will be excited about the released of the Illustrated YOD toys. YOD has only recently been released and now comes in a remixed version in two new colorways, featuring tattoos all over. Both the … Read more
Toys Nov 9, 2007

Revolver x Bearbrick

Inspired by the Paper Bag Boy character by designer So_Me, Revolver, the Japanese fashion brand, now released these Medicom Bearbricks. There are two colorways of the Bearbrick. They do not come in a set. Definitely something for all the… Read more
Toys Nov 5, 2007

Mackdaddy 10th Anniversary Bearbrick

The Mackdaddy 10th anniversary Bearbrick that we reported about a couple of weeks ago has now been released. The bearbrick is another piece in a series of 10 anniversary products that the brand launched, including previous collaborations… Read more
Toys Nov 2, 2007

Kaws Zooth by Neighborhood/Original Fake @ Kawsone

The KAWS ZOOTH (Black & White Versions) by NEIGHBORHOOD / OriginalFake will be available today, November 2nd at 12PM EST on In Japan the toy has already been released last weekend, but for those of you outside of… Read more
Toys Nov 1, 2007

The Ghostface Killah Doll

The new website for the Ghostface Killah Doll, created by 530 Medialab, just launched. The Ghostface Doll was a project that 4CAST Limited had devised to rekindle the feelings of the Golden Era of 90′s hip-hop. After a lot of … Read more
Toys Oct 30, 2007

Secret Base x Span Of Sunset Exclusive Figure

L.A. based store Span Of Sunset got together with Japanese toy company Secret Base to creat a Halloween special – 2nd Gear Obake Ghost Original Halloween Figure. The toy comes in a classic Halloween make-over in a orange/black colorway… Read more
Toys Oct 19, 2007

XLarge x Afro Samurai Figure

Just recently we reported about the t-shirt collaboration (see here) of XLarge with anime movie Afro Samurai. “In a strange world of swords, guns and kimonos, cell phones and cybernetic body parts – a black samurai, Afro Samurai (Samuel… Read more
Toys Sep 23, 2007

400% Nort Bearbrick

Here we already have the next Bearbrick prview for you. This time it’s a new Nort Bearbrick designed by Stash. We have seen this Bearbrick already in a 100% size. For January 2008 it comes in the larger 400% size … Read more
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