Accessories Oct 31, 2010

Devilock Palmboy Necklaces

Devilock has released some wee little Palmboy necklaces in three fun colors – yellow, lavender and black. Perhaps a nice gift for the girlfriend. More images follow after the click. Read more
Accessories Feb 6, 2010

Devilock Bandana Backpack

Veteran Japanese streetwear label Devilock channels Suicidal Tendencies on their latest piece of luggage. Styled after the most classic of knapsacks, (backpacks, whatever) the bag is featured in either blue or black bandana print with a tan… Read more
Watches Jan 27, 2010

SMG x Devilock x G-Shock DW-5600

Coinciding with the Singapore leg of G-Shock’s Shock The World tour, SMG and Devilock have joined forces with Casio to release a pair of limited edition DW-5600s. Featured in two colorways, the watches features both SMG and Devilock… Read more
Sneakers Dec 27, 2009

Bape x Devilock 13th Anniversary Skullsta

As part of their 13th anniversary collection, Devilock got together with Bape to collaborate on the Skullsta sneaker. The low top sneaker comes with a Palmboy all over design and will be released on January 18th at Eproze. Detailed images… Read more
Fashion Nov 23, 2009

Division x Devilock 13th Anniversary Collection

Japanese brand Devilock is celebrating its 13th anniversary. For the occasion the brand is touring the world and they will stop at Subdivision in Canada to celebrate the special occasion. They also worked with the Subdivsion in-house brand… Read more
Accessories Nov 11, 2009

Devilock x Garni Skull Ring

Devilock called on Garni to produce a series of acrylic devilock skull rings in celebration of their 13th anniversary. The ring comes in black, white or red (red is a Zozo exclusive) and features a silver coin on the side … Read more
Accessories Jun 8, 2009

adFunture x Devilock Palmboy Toy & Mesh Caps

adFunture once again worked on an interesting project. They got together with Japan’s Devilock to produce a larger version of their infamous Palmboy character toy. To complete the project they also produced collaborative mesh caps, that… Read more
Fashion Jan 28, 2009

Devilock x Batman Collection

We have seen Ubiq sneakers with Batman imagery and now fellow Japanese brand Devilock has also worked in a small line-up of goods, featuring the action hero. The series consists of three hoodies, each coming in three colorways and featuring… Read more
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