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Art Mar 2, 2010

Julius Friedman “Emergence”

Now on view at Louisville’s 21c Museum the newest work by local artist and designer Julius Friedman. Friedman explores, for the first time, figurative photography in “Emergence.” In this effort, he layers nude portraiture in an… Read more
Art Nov 9, 2009

Ray Caesar Art Collection : Volume 1

Ray Caesar Art Collection: Volume 1 collects over 250 images over 116-pages. Caesar’s work of digital media are produced through a number of drawings, sketches, and renderings. The book itself is a labor of love that has taken 15 months… Read more
Art Jun 25, 2009

The Desktop Project

New from Steven Vogel’s Blacklodges, The Desktop Project brings a fine selection of background downloads to spice up ones computer. Current submissions from Garbstore’s Ian Paley, Kenta Goto, SheOne, and 13th Witness set high standard… Read more
Art Apr 29, 2009

Oliver Cartwright

Oliver Cartwright’s work is a combination of high fashion photography, abstract digital art, and graphic design. His focus is on the manipulation of shape, color, and image to create warm assemblages. Cartwright’s work is found at… Read more
Art Apr 24, 2009

Meryl Donoghue “Once Upon A Lie…”

Opening April 30, 2009, at Stolen Space, the maiden solo exhibition from Meryl Donoghue. Through large scale gylcee prints, Donoughue explores stories and events that hold sway over her. The result is a series of human animal hybrids… Read more
Art Apr 8, 2009

Matt Greene “Pictures of Women”

Matt Greene’s recent work is about finding a space for representational art in contemporary culture. How does our way of seeing fit into the natural world? The artist seeks to find some common ground between the historical form of… Read more
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