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Photography Sep 1, 2011

Digital Photography by Jon-Paul Mountford

London-based photographer Jon-Paul Mountford was initially an illustrator, but found himself impatient with the lengthy process from concept to finished product. He soon took up photography, and began with film before testing the limits of… Read more
Photography Jul 26, 2011

Me&Edward Metamorphosis

Jonathan Ducruix, professionally known as ‘Me&Edward’, is responsible for this fascinating photo manipulation project. “Metamorphosis is a concept about the unlimited transformations of human body. Just like a chameleon, it’s… Read more
Art Apr 29, 2009

Oliver Cartwright

Oliver Cartwright’s work is a combination of high fashion photography, abstract digital art, and graphic design. His focus is on the manipulation of shape, color, and image to create warm assemblages. Cartwright’s work is found at… Read more
Art Jan 27, 2009

Kazuhiko Kawahara

Japanese architect and photographer Kazuhiko Kawahara digitally manipulates images of buildings and the urban built environment. His compositions have a kaleidoscope quality that re-imagines forms and sight lines. These photographs often… Read more
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