Art Aug 28, 2009

Mark Khaisman | INTRAspective

Mark Khaisman works in tape. His “tapeworks” are produced with translucent red packing on acrylic panel. These are then placed over aluminum light boxes. The detailed aesthetic of the “tapeworks” also informs his “patternworks”… Read more
Gadgets Sep 15, 2008

New LEICA M8.2 Digital Rangefinder Camera

“The new LEICA M8.2 is an exciting upgrade of Leica Camera AG’s German-made M series digital rangefinder camera for professionals. Improving on important LEICA M8 attributes such as discretion, intuitive work and robustness , the new… Read more
Gadgets Jul 7, 2008

Timex Black Collection

In recent months with the G-Shock 25th anniversary celebration we have seen the rise of digital watches again. Timex has recently also started releasing some of their classic again in new colorways.  Colette has now received the Timex… Read more
Gadgets May 19, 2008

Haze x G-Shock 25th Anniversary Watch

Casio will release the DW5600EH-7 Eric Haze signature G-SHOCK watch, named after the well-known graphic artist. Designed to commemorate the G-Shock 25th Anniversary, the DW5600EH-7 celebrates the rich history of G-Shock technology and Eric… Read more
Gadgets Apr 9, 2008

G-Shock x LRG Released

LRG got together with G-Shock to work on their classic. The outcome is a really nice boxset. The watch is white with all sorts of small details on the strap, backlight and the box as well. The watch is limited … Read more
Gadgets Apr 8, 2008

Baby-G ANNA TSUCHIYA Signature Model

Anna Tsuchiya is a Japanese singer, song writer, actress and model and now worked with G-Shock on her own signature model. The watch comes in all green with a matching box also featuring a green/black zebra design. It has been … Read more
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