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Other Sep 30, 2008

NHTVSN | DJ Clark Kent Interview

NHTVSN is back and presents their first episode this season. They got together with DJ Clark Kent to talk about DJing, Hip Hop, Life, Sneakers and much more. The video is a fantastic lesson in Rap and Hip Hop culture … Read more
Sneakers Aug 10, 2008

DJ Clark Kent Olympic Air Force Ones

Only a month ago the 112 Pack by Nike and DJ Clark Kent has released. Today we present you another interesting design by the DJ, which is unfortunately only coming as a one off. "DJ Clark Kent has titled these … Read more
Sneakers Jul 11, 2008

DJ Clark Kent x Nike “112 Pack”

We reported about the launch of the DJ Clark Kent "112 Pack" in collaboration with Nike. Now it is hitting retail and has first arrived at Proper. The pack consists of the Air Max 1, Air Force 1 and the … Read more
Sneakers Jun 29, 2008

Nike Air Force 1 Video Music Box

Thanks to Kix and the City we’re able to show you the special make up Nike Air Force 1 designed by DJ Clark Kent to commemorate the 25th Anniversary of Video Music Box. Jukebox on TV, VMB played a major … Read more
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