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Caps & Hats Dec 9, 2008

Double Hard x A.L.I.E.N. Capsule Collection

After recently presenting to you the Double Hard x Trainerspotter stadium jacket, DJ Hazime’s label has teamed up with NYC brand A.L.I.E.N. on a capsule collection. Together they worked on a bomber jacket, matching t-shirts, beanies and… Read more
Fashion Dec 8, 2008

Double Hard x Trainerspotter Stadium Jacket

After recently collaborating with Kiks TYO, DJ Hazime’s label Double Hard has now worked with UK label Trainerspotter. Together they produced a stadium jacket. The jackets come with black bodies, white leather sleeves, black/pink cuffs… Read more
Fashion Oct 10, 2008

Kiks TYO x Double Hard Fusion Hoodies

For the second time Kiks TYO got together with Double Hard, the label by Japanese DJ Hazime. This time they created the fusion hoodie, which works like the Nike split windrunners, with a zipper running on the front and back, … Read more
Fashion May 1, 2008

Double Hard x Kiks Tyo Tees

In celebration of its 5th birthday Double Hard, the label by DJ Hazime, has collaborated on a few tees. Kiks Tyo is one of several teams Double Hard is working with (Swagger, Trainerspotter and Mackdaddy being the others) and the … Read more
Fashion Apr 1, 2008

Double Hard x Swagger

Boutique Double Hard got together with Swagger to collaborate on a t-shirt. The t-shirt comes in several colorways and is now available in limited quantities in their online store. Read more
Sneakers Jan 1, 2008

Saucony x Double Hard

Shoe brand Saucony collaborated with Japanese fashion brand Double Hard, founded by Japanese DJ Hazime. They worked on the Corageous model by Saucony, originally released in 1981. LTD has just gotten in the sneaker now, along with many… Read more
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