Design Sep 25, 2012

What If Tim Burton Drew The Avengers?

If Tim Burton drew the Avengers, they would probably look very similar to these drawn figures that popped up on the web. We see the resemblance but wouldn’t believe in any closer alliance between this artist and the real Tim … Read more
Art Jul 6, 2011

Esta Chido Todo: The Drawings of Raul Maldonado

Curated by Susan Matthews, Esta Chido Todo runs to September 3, 2011 at Chicago’s Inuit: The Center for Intuitive and Outsider Art. Translated “it’s all cool,” Intuit will present the first major exhibition of the work of Raul… Read more
Art Jun 21, 2011

Nicomi ‘Nix’ Turner

Born in Oregon, Nicomi ‘Nix’ Turner marries alchemy and nature in her rich black and white illustrations. Much of the work deals with Pagan religion, or more aptly a sort of counter religion, with swift incorporation of fable and myth… Read more
Art Jun 20, 2011

Drawings by Mel Kadel

It’s Nice That points out the work of the talented Mel Kadel. She’s based in LA. The drawings speak volumes. Along with Travis Millard, Kadel is currently showing through July 2, 2011 at FFDG in San Francisco (248 Fillmore St. … Read more
Art Jun 15, 2011

Patrick Lee: Drawings and Video

On July 18, 2011 Western Project will present the gallery’s second solo showing of Patrick Lee. Continuing his “Deadly Friends” series, Lee examines and explores notions of masculinity through overt signifier – tattoos, scars… Read more
Art Jun 7, 2011

Kellesimone Waits “What’s Your Power Animal”

Opening tomorrow evening at Fuse Gallery, What’s Your Power Animal invites viewers into the world of Kellesimone Waits. The daughter of Tom Waits, Kellesimone draws inspiration from mythology, fairy tales, children’s books, contemporary… Read more
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