el mac

Art Dec 12, 2011

Video | El Mac at the Montana Factory, Barcelona

In November, we brought you the images of El Mac’s work at the Montana Factory in Barcelona Spain. Today, Mac released this awesome wide format video on his blog. The video was made by Popcranc, who issued the following statement … Read more
Art Nov 2, 2011

El Mac at the Barcelona Montana factory

El Mac is the latest artist to grace the walls of the Montana Paint compound in Barcelona Spain. Montana, considered by many to be the premier brand of spray paint, has recently had it’s walls adorned with work from the … Read more
Art Sep 1, 2011

Project “See no Evil” in Bristol

Bristol, home to Nick Walker and Banksy, drew an impressive selection of artist, recently for the “See no Evil Project.” In addition to hometown hero Nick Walker, the likes of Hush, and El Mac (above) also went big on Nelson … Read more
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