Art Dec 13, 2008

Anthony Lister at Fuse Gallery

Opening today at Fuse Gallery in New York is Anthony Lister’s newest show. The self-taught Australian artist displays quick and dirty pieces, enough to capture the street to gallery aesthetic in easy to swallow terms. (via SlamxHype)… Read more
Art Nov 28, 2008

Mutate Britain at Cordy House, London | Preview

Taking over the 5 floors of the Behind the Shutters Gallery at Cordy House, Mutate Britain is a multi-media media barrage from Mutant Waste. They’ve hit Glastonbury and Burning Man before, and this newest installation will remain on view… Read more
Art Nov 11, 2008

MWM Design Exhibit at Threadless Chicago

Now open at The Threadless Gallery space in Chicago (located at 3011 North Broadway), an exhibition of the work of MWM Design. MWM (Matt. W. Moore), has completed projects in a variety of media for the show. Included is hand … Read more
Art Nov 7, 2008

Rothko at the Tate Modern

The Tate Modern’s Rothko exhibition opened on September 26. Revolving around Rothko’s later works, and his works in series, the show explores his strategies of repetition and variations on single themes. Complementing the on-site is a… Read more
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