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Uncategorized Mar 12, 2008

Greedy Genius x Famous Stars & Straps Release

The Greedy Genius x Famous Stars & Straps sneaker will be released March 15th at the FAST LIFE store 3rd and Crescent Heights in Los Angeles. They have created several videos for the release. Here below you get a close … Read more
Gadgets Nov 26, 2007

Famous Stars And Straps Watches

This weekend Famous Stars And Straps dropped some new limited edition watches. Overall they released two models, the Persistence Of Time and Livin After Midnight. The watches are priced at 320 and 200 USD. After the jump detailed pictures. Read more
Sneakers Oct 16, 2007

Famous Stars & Straps x Greedy Genius Primo

It has been a little calm around Greedy Genius the past weeks and we have also still not seen anything from their Fall 2007 collection. But here we have their latest collaboration with Famous Stars & Straps. The Greedy Genius … Read more
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