Fashion Jul 17, 2008

Feature: The Stone Island Shadow Project

The combination of classic silhouettes and advanced technologies has proven an interesting sub-trend in contemporary fashion. Most of these focus on adding a tweak here or there, or reinterpreting a garment in a new fabric. The STONE ISLAND… Read more
Sneakers Jul 8, 2008

Feature: Adidas aZX Collection Letters A-H

We bring you the first part of the Adidas aZX collection, a massive effort by Adidas in which they invited high profile brands and stores from around the globe to design their very own Adidas ZX model. This first part … Read more
Sneakers Jun 30, 2008

Feature: Woody Of Sneaker Freaker Magazine

Almost daily we are shown, or become aware, of a new sneaker collaboration. Stores, celebrities, bands and even YOU (via custom websites) have the opportunity to “design” (more aptly choose) colour schemes for longstanding favourites… Read more
Denim Jun 6, 2008

Feature: Real Real Genuine’s Richard Hobbs

Richard Hobbs’ REAL REAL GENUINE produces limited, collaborative pieces that are true in nature. No marketing ploys, no ‘special holiday’ editions. Just garments and accessories (and even some fragrance) that are special because they… Read more
Sneakers May 23, 2008

Feature: Michael Lau For Nike BMX China

Recently artist and toy designer Michael Lau was asked by Nike to design the chinese BMX collection. "As long as it has the swoosh on it," was the only requirement Sandy Bodecker, Nike’s VP of Global Design, asked of Michael … Read more
Clothing Apr 23, 2008

Feature: Garbstore’s Ian Paley

Taking inspiration from vintage clothing seems basic on the surface. However, rarely do people push beyond the basic rehashing of old themes and looks. Garbstore is about capturing a feeling in manufacturing and detail. Against the rash of… Read more
Sneakers Apr 2, 2008

Nike AF1 – Performance Times Perfection

NIKE’s history of creative collaborations with artists such as Junya Watanabe, Futura and Mr. Cartoon has resulted in building some of the brand’s most innovative shoes that have transcended sport and style, pushing the brand even… Read more
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