Uncategorized Feb 7, 2011

Insa “More”

Now open at Fifty24SF through February 26, 2011, More presents new conceptual graffiti by London-based Insa. Hyper sexual 2 and 3-dimensional works make up the show, as do pieces with reflect the artist’s recent interest in full… Read more
Art Aug 27, 2010

Stanley Donwood Exhibition at Fifty24SF

Opening on September 2 and running through October 27, 2010, Stanley Donwood’s debut US showing at Fifty24SF. Donwood, famed for his work with Radiohead, paints with inspiration from the vibrant colors of California and the words found in… Read more
Art Dec 24, 2008

Ron English “Mythographic Vicissitudes”

Ron English will mount an exhibition of his latest works, Mythographic Vicissitudes, at FIFTY24SF Gallery on January 8. The work is based on variations of modern mythologies. Involved is a mash of religion, art history, and obviously, a bit… Read more
Toys Jun 7, 2008

Nat Van Dyke Artist Toy

Nate Van Dyke is the first of the new artists to debut in the next range of the Upper Playground/Fifty24SF/Doublepunch/Ningyoushi toy collection. Nate’s Bank Robbing Chimp is a little deviant (and Criminal), and had its coming out party… Read more
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