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Art Dec 25, 2009

The Selby Visits Kosuke Tsumara of Final Home

The Selby paid a visit to Kosuke Tsumara, the designer of Japanese fashion brand Final Home. Once again it is very interesting diving into the home of a creative, especially in this case, because Final Home has such a different … Read more
Accessories May 14, 2009

Final Home x G-Shock Mini

Once again Japanese brand Final Home gets together with G-Shock. The design stayed the same, the color changed. Now coming in a light grey colorway, the G-Shock Mini comes with some nice printed details, mainly on the strap, reminding of… Read more
Accessories Nov 20, 2008

Final Home x G-Shock Mini

Japanese brand Finale Home and G-Shock worked on two watches. There is a white colorway and a black colorway, both coming in a simple design. The inspiration for the watches comes from rescue bracelets, stating the name and information of… Read more
Sneakers Oct 11, 2007

Final Home “Suede x Stripes” Sneakers

We have reported several times before about Japanese brand Final Home. The brand fascinates with their out-of-the-box thinking and smart design, while always keeping in mind functionality. Now we came across sneakers by Final Home for the… Read more
Gadgets Aug 7, 2007

Final Home x G-Shock Mini

Here we present you a new G-Shock Mini collaboration with Japanese brand Final Home. Final Home is known to be one of the most innovative brands. Once we manage to get hold of an entire collection, we’ll present it to … Read more
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