Fitted Hawaii

Accessories Jan 19, 2009

Fitted Hawaii “Kamahele” Backpack

Fitted Hawaii has been working for a while on their latest product – the “Kamehele” military backpack. “We’ve given it a fitting name, ‘Kama Hele’ which, roughly translated means ‘traveler’ and is 100% military grade –… Read more
Caps & Hats Jan 16, 2009

Fitted Hawaii “Pantanama” Pack

Fitted Hawaii presents their latest product as part of the “Pantanama” pack. The pack consists of two new t-shirts and a snap-back New Era cap. “The hat sees heavy inspiration from the tropical rain forests one might see in South … Read more
Fashion Dec 18, 2008

Fitted Hawaii “Aloha” Hoodie

Even in Hawaii the winter has arrived. You might not need the latest technical outerwear, but a good hoodie can certainly not hurt. Fitted Hawaii has released the “Aloha” hoodie. Limited to 50 pieces, the hoodie comes in black and … Read more
Caps & Hats Dec 3, 2008

Fitted Hawaii “White Wash” Pack

Fitted Hawaii is once again back with new product – they present the “White Wash” pack. The pack consists of a New Era cap, that comes in grey washed cotton, featuring a satin lining, as well as turquoise embroideries. Matching … Read more
Caps & Hats Oct 24, 2008

Fitted Hawaii “Hano Hano” Pack

Once again Fitted Hawaii presents an interesting new pack. The “Hano Hano” pack is just like all other product coming from Fitted Hawaii, heavily influenced by Hawaii and its history. The pack consists of a white t-shirt, featuring… Read more
Caps & Hats Oct 10, 2008

Fitted Hawaii “Aloha” Pack

Fitted Hawaii will also be releasing some nice new product tomorrow. The pack was inspired by Andy Warhol and the significance of “palaka” (plaid) on plantations. The outcome is a plaid fitted cap in collaboration with Estate LA and a… Read more
Fashion Oct 7, 2008

Fitted Hawaii Duke Kahanamoku T-Shirt

Few people represent where they’re from as well as the folks at Fitted Hawaii. Over the last few months we’ve seen them support the University of Hawaii football team, base a t-shirt on an island lizard and shout out almost … Read more
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