Fashion Dec 6, 2012

3 Easy Layers – The Basics of Layering

We’re now a few days into December which means we’re a few days into winter. Whether you like it or not the cold is here and soon snow will fall if it hasn’t already. To prepare for the brutal weather … Read more
Fashion Sep 18, 2008

Penfield Flannel Shirts and Scarves

Thankfully, Penfield doesn’t stray far from its roots. Comfortable, classic outdoor clothing with just the right amount of technical features. Expanding into more shirts and accessories, Penfield remains on that route. Shirts and scarves… Read more
Clothing Jul 2, 2008

Bape Flannel Bape Shirt

This has to be one of the craziest shirts that Bape put out in recent time and the name "Clown Flannel" is quite appropriate for it. The short sleeve shirt is made up of panels of different Bape camos. It … Read more
Fashion Feb 22, 2008

Futura Laboratories Dripping BD Shirts

The latest Futura Laboratories product has been released in Japan at the FL Shop. The drop includes these Dripping BD Shirts. A very interesting pieces. Basically it’s a flannel shirt with paint drips. It comes in three colorways. Read more
Fashion Jan 9, 2008

PRPS Sea Blue Flannel

We have seen more flannels this Fall/Winter season than in the past 10 years all together. They came of course in the form of shirts, sneakers, bags, accessories, jackets, you name it. Without wanting to bore you, we still do … Read more
Fashion Dec 4, 2007

Stussy Flannel Shirts

Still as part of their Holiday 2007 collection, Stussy has now released some interesting multicolor flannel shirts. The body and sleeves of the shirts are normal and one color flannel, but the cuffs each come in a different color. It’s… Read more
Fashion Nov 20, 2007

Supreme Online Store Relaunched

The Supreme Online Store relaunched yesterday filled with some fresh product. They carry the new gold and chrome Oakley sunglasses, plaid New Era caps, velvet 5-panels, flannel shirts, t-shirts and box logo skate decks. Of course a lot is… Read more
Clothing Nov 16, 2007

FUCT Japan Flannels Available

A while ago we presented you some flannel shirts by FUCT that were created exclusively for the Japanese market. This is some of the best flannel we have seen all season. The flannel is 100% cotton and made in Japan, … Read more
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