found objects

Art Mar 30, 2010

Matt Campbell ‘Out of the Black’

Matt Cambell will debut his newest series “Out of the Black” in a solo exhibition beginning this weekend at New York’s Gallery Hanahou (611 Broadway, Suite 730). Commenting on the disposable environments, Cambell endeavours to make… Read more
Art Jun 25, 2009

Valero Doval Collages

Having worked with Wallpaper*, The New York Times, and Paul Smith it is quite amazing that Valero Doval finds time to dabble in personal work. Utilizing found objects as the basis for collage, Doval creates some fascinating images and… Read more
Art Mar 20, 2009

The Art of Old Wood, Henrique Oliveira

Henrique Oliveira is a Brazilian artist specializing in using found pieces of wood to create massive installation pieces. He calls these works “tridimensionals,” and finds most of his materials on the streets of San Paulo. On March 26… Read more
Art Mar 3, 2009

Better History

Curated by Nick Poe & 7Eleven Gallery, BETTER HISTORY is a New York based, cross-generational group exhibition. Works by some of the most promising emerging artists are presented alongside examples from long established figures, unfolding… Read more
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