Fashion Mar 28, 2013

The Questionable Use of Obscenity in Streetwear

To the chagrin of many, obscenity and irreverence have long been key characteristics of street culture and its surrounding fashion scene. Because of the culture’s nature, namely that it is at one time both reactionary and self-aware, it… Read more
Fashion Feb 24, 2012

Freshjive Spring 2012 Lookbook

Freshjive has released their lookbook for Spring 2012, and so we are now presenting it here to you. With assistance from Freddie Roach trained boxer Zac Wohlman, we get a nice look at the collection. Consisting of knits, shirts, pants … Read more
Fashion Aug 22, 2011

Freshjive Spring 2012 Lookbook

Continuing without any name branding, for spring 2012 Freshjive begins focusing on themes for each delivery throughout the season. The 4 themes for spring 12 are RMK, City Noir, Immigrant, and Less Than Zero. From a darker more high fashion… Read more
Fashion May 28, 2011

Complex: An Oral History of the Graphic T-Shirt

In 2007, Complex published a story in its August issue titled, “An Oral History of the Graphic T-Shirt,” chronicling the journey from surf tees to all-over prints. They’re following up on this will a 2011 version. Visit Complex to… Read more
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