Fashion Aug 21, 2010

Freshjive Spring 2011 Collection

Selectism takes a first look at the Freshjive Spring 2011 collection. The “no-label” Freshjive line makes a significant change in their approach for Spring 2011. The once “street” driven line which has roots in various circles –… Read more
Fashion Jun 3, 2010

Freshjive Summer 2010 Collection

Freshjive presents the last stage of their “aesthetic metamorphosis.” The Summer 2010 collection is comprised of a variety of cut and sew, button down shirts and shorts along with swim trunks, tanks, and a mix of both lightweight and… Read more
Fashion Apr 12, 2010

Freshjive x Screw Magazine T-Shirt

Freshjive has collaborated with Screw Magazine on a t-shirt. To coincide with the collaboration, Freshjive’s flagship store in LA, Reserve, has stocked some vintage issues of Screw Magazine, as well as a vintage Screw wrist watch. Check… Read more
Fashion Mar 18, 2010

Freshjive Spring 2010 Collection – Part 2

Freshjive presents the second installment of their new spring 2010 line. Highlights in the drop include checked shirts, striped pique shirts, cotton shorts and various bold graphic t-shirts including a series of “sexual t shirts that make… Read more
Fashion Feb 27, 2010

Freshjive Spring 2010 Collection – Part 1

Freshjive presents the first part of their new Spring 2010 Collection, the first collection of the brand not carrying anymore a logo. The line consists of some great basics, along with solid cut-and-sew pieces, some nice accessories and of… Read more
Fashion Dec 15, 2009

Freshjive Fall 2010 Collection Lookbook

After 20 years as one of the most controversial streetwear brands, Freshjive is not only denouncing their own name and branding beginning in 2010, but is altogether abandoning many of the aspects that previously classified them as a… Read more
Fashion Nov 24, 2009

Freshjive “Hope Is Fading Fast” T-Shirt

Freshjive continues to make strong statements in their collections. That is once again the case with the upcoming “Hope Is Fading Fast” t-shirt, Freshjive’s first judgement on the Obama administration. What Freshjive has to say about… Read more
Fashion Nov 9, 2009

Freshjive Holiday 2009 Collection

The last season of Freshjive goods with the brand logo are out since this week, with all new collections, starting from Spring 2010 being un-branded. We reported about the move by Freshjive a while back. The new collection consists of … Read more
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