fuji rock festival

Fashion Jun 10, 2009

Beams x Fuji Rock Festival 2009 T-Shirts

Japanese label Beams returns for their second year as an official sponsor for the Fuji Rock Festival. Contributing a series of original t-shirts, shopping bags as well as event staff t-shirts, Beams collaborated with Over The Stripes and… Read more
Fashion Jun 7, 2008

United Arrows for Fuji Rock Festival 2008

Festival time again people and no one does it better than Japan with the Fuji Rock Festival. The Fuji Rock Festival will take place at the Naeba Ski Resort on July 25-27. But, beforehand on Friday, the 13th of June, … Read more
Fashion Jul 20, 2007

Stussy x The Stooges

On Saturday July 21, Stussy stores will release a collaboration with the legendary rock group, The Stooges. Led by front man Iggy Pop, The Stooges were formed in 1967 and “virtually single-handedly godfathered punk rock, garage rock and… Read more
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